5 ways to radiate positivity daily

1. Perfect your morning routine. 

When do you feel better; when you’ve woken up 20 minutes before you need to leave the house, done your make-up on the tube and arrived at the office starving with minutes to spare.

Or when you’ve woken up an hour early, contoured your face at home and stopped for breakfast at your favourite cafe, before swanning into work half an hour before you need to be there?

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Part 2: How To Find Your Lane

Before you can stay in your lane, you have to know what and where it is right? Here’s how in seven easy steps…

1. Write a list of things you would and wouldn’t do

This can span personal and professional situations, for example on your list of things you would do could be; take a week off work for a yoga retreat, spend a month’s income on new web design or work overtime for no extra pay to get a project finished.

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