9 things all journalists do

1. Drink coffee like it’s water.

Something about those beans unleashes all a journalist’s creativity when consumed. The hotter the better, and journos love finding a good independent coffee shop to interview a source or have a meeting in.

2. Get places really really early.

The fear of missing a story is so great that when a journalist says they’ll meet you at 7pm, they’ll be there at 6:45.

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How journalists can use Snapchat to get ahead at work 

Snapchat is just for teenagers to send nudes to each other, right? WRONG.

With a company valuation of around $16 billion, and 10 billion daily video views at the time of writing, Snapchat offers a real opportunity to share your story with a wider, younger, audience.

Here’s what Snapchat is, what media organisations are doing on it, and how you can get ahead by using it (for work purposes, obvs.)

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10 tips for budding journalists

1. Never read the comments.
You’ve just had your first piece published online by a major publication – massive congrats! The first thing you’ll probably do is send it to your mum, tweet it and then print it out and frame it.

But whatever you do – don’t read the comments. In my experience commenters can be mean, racist and sexist, and actually, I’ve just been published by a major news organisation so I don’t need to read your comment, I need to go and buy an ice cream.

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