7 things you can do this lunchtime to help your hustle

1. Listen to a podcast (30 mins) 

For some strange reason podcasts are back in a big way, so take advantage by listening to some of the great minds of our time while eating your lunch.

You don’t have to go with the podcasts that magazines always recommend, pick something that’s inspiring and relevant to you.

I have two favourites:

Mattieologie by Mattie James: Blogger and influencer Mattie spills the tea on blogging, branding and business. This podcast is awesome because she gets straight to the point in short episodes, and has accompanying work notes on her website.

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The benefits of eating alone

Sounds like a pretty sad title for a blog post, but I promise its not sad at all.

For one group of people, dining alone is their idea of hell, they feel awkward and worry everyone thinks they’ve been stood up. For others its pure bliss, and here are 15 reasons why;

1. You can order whatever you want. If you want to eat edamame beans and nothing else, fine, if you want to order a set menu for two to yourself, also fine. NO judgement.
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