Impartial Review: MAC matchmaster foundation

I haven’t always worn foundation; back when I was about 13-years-old I had one compact of beige pressed powder I sometimes wore, and for special occasions I’d add some lipgloss.

Now times have changed, not only in terms of how much make up I wear, but also in the technology that goes into creating cosmetics.  Let’s see if the new techy kid on the block, MAC matchmaster foundation, actually works.

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How to Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm

Feeling crafty in the run up to the festive season? Or are you terrified about how many toxic chemicals there are in beauty products?

Either way, it’s easier than you think to make your own completely natural lip balm.

I went to one of Midas Touch Crafts’  make-up making classes hosted by the hilarious Naz and her mum, here’s how to make just one of the products she taught us about, a natural lip balm. 

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Is ‘Sleek Make Up’ stepping away from Women of Colour?

In times of old when customers were disgruntled with a company or service, they would write a strongly worded letter and send it off with a contemptuous lick of the envelope.

Unfortunately for big brands, (and fortunately for the customer), it is now extremely easy to air views on Twitter, and sometimes complaints spread like wildfire.

This issue in this particular case concerned make up brand Sleek which describes itself in the following terms;

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Impartial Review: Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation

I love make up that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing make up. This might sound a little counter intuitive but who wants to look like they have a face full of slap?

I’d rather have people wondering; “does she just have naturally flawless skin, or is she wearing make up?” Keep ’em guessing, that’s what I say.

So when I was invited to the launch of Perricone MD‘s new ‘no make up make up’ range I immediately felt like it was a brand that would understand my needs.

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