7 things you can do this lunchtime to help your hustle

1. Listen to a podcast (30 mins) 

For some strange reason podcasts are back in a big way, so take advantage by listening to some of the great minds of our time while eating your lunch.

You don’t have to go with the podcasts that magazines always recommend, pick something that’s inspiring and relevant to you.

I have two favourites:

Mattieologie by Mattie James: Blogger and influencer Mattie spills the tea on blogging, branding and business. This podcast is awesome because she gets straight to the point in short episodes, and has accompanying work notes on her website.

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How to become the DJ Khaled of your industry

If you don’t know who DJ Khaled is, chances are you don’t listen to commercial Hip Hop, don’t have snapchat and don’t have a subscription to Source magazine.

But in 2016 the producer, DJ and music label executive has managed to become the King of snapchat, shamelessly promoting his appearances, apparel and music.

This year alone DJ Khaled has signed a management-only deal with Jay Z’s company, Roc Nation, announced his ninth studio album and released a single featuring Drake.

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Why it’s OK not to be yourself sometimes

If I had copyrighted the phrase ‘be yourself’ back in the 90s I would be making some serious coin.

How many people have you heard say they are on a journey to ‘find themselves’? But what about if you want to take a break from yourself, and be someone else for a while?

Anyone who knows me personally will know that I’ve tried over the years to blend in (as a tall girl with curly hair and glasses, that’s quite hard to do.)

BUT once I decided to stop playing small and hiding behind others, this whole confidence thing just kind of happened.

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Five ways to guard your heart

Guarding your heart means protecting it from hurt. Being disappointed and hurt is *kind of* inevitable, but how you prepare for it and react to it is up to you.

1. Stop fantasising about your future with someone who hasn’t even proposed. 

That means not calling him ‘hubby’ if he hasn’t actually put a ring on it, and deleting that Pinterest board full of wedding ideas. I see you.

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