How to become the DJ Khaled of your industry

If you don’t know who DJ Khaled is, chances are you don’t listen to commercial Hip Hop, don’t have snapchat and don’t have a subscription to Source magazine.

But in 2016 the producer, DJ and music label executive has managed to become the King of snapchat, shamelessly promoting his appearances, apparel and music.

This year alone DJ Khaled has signed a management-only deal with Jay Z’s company, Roc Nation, announced his ninth studio album and released a single featuring Drake.

Even if you’re not impressed by his catch phrases (MAJOR KEY!) home workouts and daily jet ski rides, here are some things he does that can seriously benefit you in business:

1. He shamelessly self-promotes.

I meet so many people who publish content online and just expect people to find it all on their own.

The internet is a very noisy place, so you need to be promoting what you’re doing on a daily basis with little to no shame.

That means telling your colleagues, posting frequently about it on social media (with great visuals, correct spellings and links) and being proud of every single piece of content you create.

2. He actually uses his own products.

If you’re a fashion designer I should see you wearing your own pieces, if you’re an app creator you should be the most active user on that app, if you own a cupcake business I only want to see you eating your own cupcakes. Just kidding about that last one (kind of.)

DJ Khaled plays music he’s produced or featured on in the background of his snaps and wears clothes from the We The Best store, which is his record label. Who knows what music he listens to when he’s not on camera — the point is as far as you’re concerned he only listens to music he is affiliated with.


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A THANK YOU LETTER TO @beyonce and 🐝hive and fan luv … Dreams come true Don't ever let "they" tell you you can't do it. They told me I would never tour. Well I just finished touring with the biggest artist walking the planet. They told me I would never touch a stage in a high school arena. Well I just finished touching the stage in every stadium in every major city in America. Dreams come true. But you have to work hard, you gotta work very hard!!! In order to stand beside the icon @beyonce You gotto work hard for over 25 years and dedicate your blood sweat and tears to making your dreams a reality. I want to thank Beyoncé for putting me on stage in front of a stadium full of loyal fans of the 🐝 Hive and Fan luv! Dreams come true. Momma I made it!!! Fan luv we did it. We showed THEY that nothing can stop us if we move with a clean heart and a clear purpose. Beyoncé I want to say thank you for allowing me to bring my energy and passion on stage every night. Thank you for allowing me to bring on all the artists who jumped on stage with me to bring the fans a special energy called Major Key Alert!!!! Beyoncé I want to say thank you for providing me and the millions of millions of fans across the globe your amazing talent and music and performance. You're the queen!!!! Fan Luv this is just the beginning!!! I'm up to something!!!! Oh u thought I was gonna quit???!!!! Never!!!! It's We The Best!! It's Roc Nation!!! It's PARK WOOD !!!It's Epic Records!!!! I will never stop!!!!! Bless up. @beyonce thank u so much I have tears of joy ! God is the Greatest!!!! #MAJOR🔑 the album it's coming!! @wethebestmusic !!! I have more to say @beyonce thank u again!! 🐝hive and fan luv please get this letter to Beyonce !! Thank u in advance !! 🐝🔑🙏🏽 OH YEAH IM POST THIS 2 times wit 2 pics I have to not everyday u get take ICONIC PICS WIT @beyonce !!!!!!! 🐝🔑🐝🔑 photo credit @kodaklens

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3. He collaborates with stars bigger than him.

I’ve seen P Diddy, Karen Civil, Kim Kardashian, Jay –Z and Ellen Degeneres on DJ Khaled’s snapchat to name a few.

DJ Khaled isn’t afraid of other stars stealing his shine, he uses them to make him appear to be the man who knows everyone in the industry, and it seems to be paying off.

Use a platform bigger than yours to expose your work to new audiences; good examples include hosting joint webinars, guest posting on bigger websites and joining Twitter chats.

4. He shares intimate details with his audience.

I’ve seen the stomach of the woman pregnant with DJ Khaled’s child on his snapchat.

I’m not saying we need to see ALL the intimate details of everyone’s lives, but by showing his audience behind the scenes at a photo shoot, his kitchen at breakfast time and what goes on in his dressing room before a show, he makes us feel much more connected to him and we become emotionally invested in his story.

5. Repetition and routine. 

How many times have you seen DJ Khaled water his flowers, workout on the elliptical machine and eat the same damn turkey bacon for breakfast?

He’s selling us his brand values and being consistent. He also uses the same phrases over and over again; Major Key, Lion Order, They don’t want you to win — so that they become synonymous with him and other people start using them.


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6. He has clear visual branding. 

You see Khaled in the same jeans, We The Best T-Shirt and trainers combo, with the same haircut and big chain. Surrounded by the same flowers/swimming pool/adoring fans, but it’s not boring, it’s branding.

7. He puts the fans first. 

DJ Khaled surprises his fans by delivering packages to their door and featuring them in his snapchats. Did you know that DJ Khaled used to call himself Arab Attack? But he didn’t want to seem insensitive after the events of 9/11 – putting his audience first instead of going with the name he wanted to go with.

Do you think about your audience first before anyone else? A good way to do this is by using polling your audience via Twitter, find out what your audience wants and then use the results to inform your content, products or services.

8. He delivers unwavering positivity.

DJ Khaled’s positive outlook is infectious. I dare you to watch his snapchat story without laughing or feeling more positive about your day.

People always remember how you made them feel – if you’re constantly complaining online and spreading negativity, people will remember how drained they felt when consuming your content and not want to come back.


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“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” – Proverbs 17:22.





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