5 of the Best… Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

As more of us are leaving the straighteners in the drawer and ‘going natural’, we are faced with getting to know and work with our curl patterns on a more regular basis.

The hair industry has gone all out to try and capitalise on the growing group of women who want to embrace their curls, and so there are hundreds of products out there.

I’ve probably tried most of them in my quest for bouncy, glossy curls, with somewhat mixed results. Here are five products that really worked for me.

5. OIive Oil Moisturising Hair Lotion

Olive Oil

Brand: Organic Root Stimulator

Price: £2.91/251 ml

Benefits: This enriching leave-in conditioner is great for giving dry or damaged hair lots of moisture, but not as good at holding curls all day. It can also weigh hair down a little, but is great if you want something to replenish moisture before following it with a holding spray.

Stockist: www.boots.com and some Boots stores

4. Sun-kissed Raspberry Conditioner

Alberto Balsam

Brand: Alberto Balsam

Price: £1.00/400 ml

Benefits: This is one of my go-to wonder products that I usually carry around with me in case of emergencies. I use this as a wash out conditioner AND a leave-in conditioner, it makes my hair super soft and smells good enough to eat. I apply it evenly through the hair after washing and style.

Stockist: Boots, Superdrug and Wilkinson’s stores as well as supermarkets

3. Smooth and Hold Pudding

Smooth and hold pudding

Brand: Organic Root Stimulator

Price: From £3.99/385 ml

Benefits: This pudding has the perfect texture for just-washed curls, smells divine and doesn’t dry out the hair. It’s lightweight, non-sticky and alcohol free. The only problem is that it is difficult to run through the hair without separating the curls, so you could end up with more product in some areas than others if you don’t want to comb your curls through.

Stockist: Good black hair shops,  www.boots.com and some Boots stores

2. Leave-in Conditioner

Mixed Chicks

Brand: Mixed Chicks

Price: Around £12.00/300 ml

Benefits: This product has received rave reviews from curly girls who have been waiting for hair products that cater to, and are marketed at them. This alcohol free leave-in conditioner tames frizz and defines curls beautifully and a little goes a long way. Work through hair after washing.

Stockist: Good black hair shops in the UK (see full list here) and online at britishcurlies.co.uk

1. Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly

Curl Friends

Brand: Umberto Giannini

Price: £12.00/200 ml

Benefits: This scrunching jelly is for use on wet hair and the results are amazing, it tames frizz and defines curls with just a small amount of product. It contains castor oil to condition hair and give it shine, but also has some potential nasties on the ingredients list including parabens. It can leave hands a little sticky and hair crispy if too much is applied – so use it sparingly.

Stockist: www.boots.com and Boots stores

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