5 of the Best… Products for Curly Hair That You May Not Have Heard of

Everyone seems to be obsessed with curly hair at the moment (me included) with a huge trend towards ‘going natural‘ in the past decade.

Some have said this is a backlash against treated hair and weaves, as a result there has been a move towards more organic and ‘natural ‘ ingredients. The hair market has been quick to respond and is now flooded with products claiming to be perfect for curly hair.

Here are 5 products that actually work (they’ve all been tested on my own curly locks) and that you might not have heard of yet…

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5 of the Best… Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

As more of us are leaving the straighteners in the drawer and ‘going natural’, we are faced with getting to know and work with our curl patterns on a more regular basis.

The hair industry has gone all out to try and capitalise on the growing group of women who want to embrace their curls, and so there are hundreds of products out there.

I’ve probably tried most of them in my quest for bouncy, glossy curls, with somewhat mixed results. Here are five products that really worked for me.

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Expensive Curls: The Price Scale of Rinse Out Conditioners for Curly Hair

If you walk into any hair shop and take a look at the curly hair section, and you will be surprised at the vast amount of different brands and products that have sprung up over the past few years, all thanks to the natural hair phenomena of course.

The rinse out conditioner is a staple for all curly and natural girls, so let’s take a look at how high some of those prices have got and what these new products have to offer. Prices are listed from low to high…

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