The Most Powerful Women on Vine

Vine (an app that allows you to create short, beautiful, looping videos and share them), is one of the hottest microblogging sites today, with 40 million users and 8333 videos shared every minute.

The six second videos vary from comedy sketches and pranks to song snippets and dance battles. But as social media creates a slightly more even platform for real talent to excel without the need for an agent, a big budget or celebrity status, who are the women worth watching?

5. Amymarie Gaertner

One of the best dancers I have ever seen, Amymarie shows off her skills anywhere she can, from her living room to her garden… along with some of her celebrity friends.

She is a self-taught dancer and choreographer from Ohio, who can sometimes be seen off the small screen dancing in music videos.

4. Ariana Grande 

OK, so she is a major celeb, but if you’re hoping to see vines of her face over and over again, you might be disappointed.

She mostly revines the funniest vines she sees and occasionally records her crew members hanging out backstage, pets fighting or her mum (mom) dancing to 2 chainz…

3. Liane V

Liane is not only a great comedic actress, but a singer and dancer too.

Lots of Liane’s videos cover common relationship dramas, enviable dance moves and #girlproblems, you can also get some pretty good outfit inspiration from her. She often stars in King Bach‘s vines – he’s ranked number one on the app.

2. LeLe Pons 

LeLe (pronounced Lay Lay) creates hilarious vines involving her best friends, lots of which are set in school.

She recently reached 6 million loops on vine (a very big deal) and received a Teen Choice Awards nomination. AOL has named her one of the most entertaining Latino stars on Vine.

1. Brittany Furlan

It is absolutely no surprise to me that Brittany is the highest ranked female on vine, and ranks third overall on the app. She is pure comedy genius (although sometimes her vines are a little NSFW).

Brittany was named by Time Magazine to be one of the most influential people on the internet, and is reportedly developing a sketch comedy show produced by American actor Seth Green.

Vine users ranked according to Rankzoo:

Who are your favourite viners?

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