Impartial Review: Braun Face Beauty edition

Our bathrooms are being invaded by technology, from the humble electric toothbrush to whizzing epilators. I tried out a reasonably new addition to the beauty-tech family; Braun Face.

Its the world’s first facial epilator (super fast mechanical tweezing tool) and cleansing brush, and comes with different attachments for different tasks – some more menacing than others. 


This nifty battery operated tool aims to give you glowing skin with a rotating brush head that provides a deep pore cleanse six times more effective than manual exfoliation.

Braun have different brushes that can be attached to the tool; my favourites are the exfoliation brush and beauty sponge. The exfoliation brush is pretty tough on the skin, so it’s great for when you want a deep cleanse. You can squeeze your normal face wash straight onto the brush head and apply directly to a wet face.

Braun Face composite

I would suggest removing most of your make up before this point, otherwise you are just kind of moving your foundation around your face, and everything gets pretty messy. I paid way more attention and took longer to cleanse when using this tool, and my skin definitely benefited. There is a full how-to video by Braun on youtube.

I also love the beauty sponge – I use it to apply face cream and then foundation – it gives you really even coverage and massages your face as it goes on. I am no where near brave enough to use the epilator head, but if I ever muster up the courage, I’ll update this review.


This tool is pretty damn chic considering what it is, it comes in its own little pouch with a mirror, and a cap for that daunting epilator head.

High Res Braun Face Beauty Edition

It is extremely well-designed and I would expect nothing less from Braun, and perfect for travelling with or if you want to keep all the components tidy in the bathroom – no one will ever guess you use it to remove your mustache.

Braun Face retails at £89 at Boots, and each of the additional brushes are around £14.

The R Factor

Would I recommend this product? I’m not trying to claim this is an essential beauty buy, but it definitely helps you cleanse thoroughly, and let’s be honest applying make up with a massage tool is pretty dreamy..

But forget about me, what does Braun Beauty Ambassador, Jessica Alba have to say?

“I love Braun Face and the new Beauty Brushes as being in control of my skin care regime is really important to me. I can switch between the brushes to suit my skin care needs and as it fits into my handbag I can achieve a fabulous, flawless glow wherever I go.


“I always use the exfoliation brush when I have been on set all week and my skin needs a deep pore clean to bring back its natural radiance. I am also a big fan of the Beauty Sponge as it is perfect for applying foundation – the choices are endless.”

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Have you tried about Braun Face? Let me know what you thought below.

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