Hair Fix or Hair Fail: Lee Stafford’s ArganOil from Morocco Wave and Nourish wand 

Let me introduce you to my new favourite hair styling tool. It’s Lee Stafford’s ArganOil from Morocco Wave and Nourish wand, which has been described as *the* styling tool for ‘beachy waves’.

If I’m honest I had no idea what beachy waves were until I used this wand (apart from the ones I splash around in on holiday, obvs) but the best way I can describe it is a curl that isn’t as tight as a ringlet — don’t worry I provided plenty of beachy wave pics via Pinterest.


This wand is possibly the weirdest looking tool I have in my hair arsenal, people will walk into your room and ask why you have a strange nic nac looking wand on your floor, but the unique shape makes it even more effective.


I am no hairdressing pro but I found this tool really easy to use and loved the results. My hair is naturally curly, sometimes I leave it that way, and other times I have it straight. I start off by shampooing and conditioning it, leaving it to air dry, then spraying it liberally with heat protective spray, using hair grease on my scalp, sectioning it and straightening it with wide GHD straighteners.

The fact that this process takes at least three hours means that I won’t then curl it with the Lee Stafford tool every time I do my hair, BUT if it’s a special occasion and my hair is already straight, then bring on the waves.

Depending on the weather, my hair will stay in these beachy waves for at least 24 hours, although they do begin to drop out over time. I am also on the hunt for a good hairspray to use after styling but as most of the ones I come across are water-based, they make my straightened hair frizzy.

Lipstick: GOSH matt lipstick in ‘classic red’. Dress: Khaki pencil dress by Miss Selfridge


One of the selling points of this line of tools is that they are infused with Argan oil, so they give the hair a glossy sheen, the curls I created were definitely super glossy but I did also add some Mazuri sheen spray after styling because I like my hair to be at its shiniest.


This tool is really easy to use and you can get great results within 15 minutes if you’re in a rush. For more detailed instructions on how to use it, I’ve included a Lee Stafford video tutorial below.

Lee Stafford have just launched a new red and gold colour way for the Lee Stafford ARGANOIL from Morocco electrical range, and it is all available online and at Argos stores. The wave and nourish wand I used is £24.99.

Fix or Fail?

This wand definitely produces great results and I would confidently recommend it.

Verdict: Fix


With thanks to NBPR for providing the product.

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