Hair Fix or Hair Fail: Lee Stafford’s ArganOil from Morocco Wave and Nourish wand 

Let me introduce you to my new favourite hair styling tool. It’s Lee Stafford’s ArganOil from Morocco Wave and Nourish wand, which has been described as *the* styling tool for ‘beachy waves’.

If I’m honest I had no idea what beachy waves were until I used this wand (apart from the ones I splash around in on holiday, obvs) but the best way I can describe it is a curl that isn’t as tight as a ringlet — don’t worry I provided plenty of beachy wave pics via Pinterest.

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The seven rules of power dressing

Power dressing can be defined as “the practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc.”

A recent exhibition at the London Design Museum called Women Fashion Power saw famous faces such as Diana Princess of Wales, Naomi Campbell and Margaret Thatcher celebrated as masters of power dressing.

But it’s not just politicians and models that need to dress to impress, branding is becoming a powerful weapon, essential to those who want to make an impact and be taken seriously. Here are seven top tips to help you avoid common power dressing faux pas.

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How to feel like superwoman

Sometimes, just sometimes, it can feel as though everything is falling apart… and I mean everything. 

All in one day I could argue with everyone I come into contact with, fail an important exam, hurt myself in several places, break something beyond repair, get 101 emails all bearing bad news, forget to do all the essential time-sensitive things I had to do, wear a hideous outfit, get rained on and have frizzy hair, lose something I can’t buy again *draws breath* and, not suprisingly, this makes me feel like I don’t have everything under control.

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