Mashable writer just called nudes for women of colour “poopy”

Predicting how your readers will react to your articles is difficult, even knowing who they are in the first place is tricky, so when a Mashable writer called brown nail varnish ‘poopy’ she probably thought no one would disagree with her.

The article, entitled “How to pull off the ugliest fall nail colors,” also listed sea sick green, rotten pumpkin orange and dirty penny bronze among undesirable varnish options, and tried to help readers avoid looking like they were “wear[ing] the bathroom on [their] nails.”

Unfortunately for her, women of colour disagreed, stating that these brown polishes were actually ‘nudes’ (a shade similar to ones skin tone that has been on trend lately) for women of colour, and shared their views in no uncertain terms on twitter.

The comments section was also full of people who were none too pleased with the piece:

“Those poopy colours are my nudes thank you and them greys and bronzes look divine on my skin so I think the writer of this article should consider her ENTIRE audience before posting such on the internet.”

Mashable later removed the brown nail varnishes from the piece, and issued this statement: 

“Editors’ Note, Sept. 8, 2015: This story originally included a section about brown nail polish that many found to be racially insensitive. We agreed with those concerns and have since removed that portion.”

You can see more stunning (and certainly not poopy) nude trends on this Pinterest board.

What do you think of the piece? Are people right to be outraged?

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