Impartial review: Lush African Paradise body conditioner

Time is tight in the mornings, no matter how early you wake up there always seems to be a rush to get out the house, and never enough time to do everything at as leisurely a pace as you’d like.

So when I find products that save me time I have to shout about them.

I found this body wash, (or body conditioner) by chance while browsing at Lush, and I’m so glad I did, it cleans, moisturises and smells good all at once.

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How to practice self care if you’re under 25

‘Self care’ is definitely a 2016 buzz word.

Endless blog posts, podcasts and articles have been published on the importance of it.

But after I wrote a post about taking time out to invest in myself, the questions and comments I got showed me that actually, most people my age don’t know how to practice self care at all, and find the whole concept alien and dated.

Here are some ways you can spend some time on you this week, without the lavender oil and meditation.

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