11 hair care hacks for curly girls 

Curls are arguably the most misunderstood hair type. 

Whether you’ve got tightly wound coils or looser waves, chances are mainstream hair tips and products aren’t going to suit your unique mane. 

Here are some hacks to keep your curls bouncy on wash day and beyond…

1. Do not, under any circumstances, comb your hair when it’s dry 

If you can pass a comb through your hair when dry then good for you, but when you have curls, water and conditioner are your best friends. 

When you are in the shower washing your hair, condition your locks and detangle with a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom and working upward. 

2. Throw out your towel 

Normal towels are great for drying skin, but can make hair frizzy. Change your towel for a microfibre version or an old T-Shirt and see the difference for yourself. 

Also, no scrubbing your hair like you’re drying a wet dog… let your hair dry over time in a coil on top of your head.

3. Scrub your scalp 

When you’re using way more conditioner than shampoo as a curly girl, and washing your thicker hair less often, build up is likely to happen. 

Make sure when you do wash your hair you get right down to the scalp and scrub it clean. 

4. Meet your new best friend

…conditioner. I have been known to carry around a full size bottle of conditioner in my handbag when I wear my hair curly. 

Don’t be embarrassed, sometimes your hair will dry out during the day and need some extra moisture.

5. Know your curls  

Are you the kind of person who scrapes their hair back as soon as it is washed and heaps a load of product into it? 

If you do, then chances are you don’t actually know what your hair type is because you never see it. Wash your hair and dry it, then take some time to look at it and see how it reacts to different products. 

6. Invest in a silky scarf 

It sounds silly but your curls don’t like pillows, the material drags your curls out of place and you wake up looking like you’ve been dragged backwards through a bush (no offence). 

Invest in a silky scarf to wrap your hair in and a silk or satin pillowcase to sleep on. 

7. Avoid humidity 

If you’re the kind of person who dreads stepping off planes because their hair puffs up into a tangled mess in hot climates, then do your best to avoid humidity. 

That means tying up and wrapping your hair when cooking, while in the bath and in a sauna. 

8. Experiment with styles 

Don’t go for a boring pineapple every day, find new hairstyles online and try them out. 

Here’s a Pinterest board that can help with that.

9. Try out different products 

The natural hair market is huge now, and there are so many new products to try out from conditioners to scalp treatments. 

Go down to your local black hair shop (or search for products online) and see what difference good products make. 

10. But, beware nasty chemicals  

Treat your hair right and it will treat you right. 

Part of treating it right means not smothering it in nasty chemicals

11. Read Tall N Curly   

Hands down the funniest and most relatable comic I’ve read. Tall N Curly takes #curlygirlproblems to another level. 

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