11 things mixed race women are tired of hearing 

1. “You should embrace your black side more” Like… how?

2. “You look like Rihanna/Beyoncé/Halle Berry.” No I don’t, at all, we just have a similar skin tone.

3. “I bet you can’t eat spicy food.” Wait… what? *chews on scotch bonnet*

4. “Are you Turkish/Indian/Brazilian?” Nope.

5. “Can you cook jerk chicken/jollof rice/curry goat?” You know our parents eat other things… right?

6. “You should really visit your home country more.” Are you going to pay for the ticket or…?

7. “Is that your real hair?” Probably, but maybe not, and also who cares.

8. “Are you two sisters?!” To you and your other mixed race friend who looks nothing like you *side eye*

9. “You don’t look anything like your parents!” Look closer.

10. “No way, you’re not really from *insert where you’re from*” How can I prove this to you?! Is it my parent’s birth certificates you’re looking for?

11. “Can I touch your hair?” Just no.

Further reading: What fetishising biracial children says about you: http://xonecole.com/what-fetishizing-biracial-children-says-about-you/ via xonecole.com

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