Beauty Fix or Beauty Fail: Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial Steamer 

Having a facial can be a somewhat daunting experience

No matter how many scented candles are lit and eye wateringly expensive products are used, surrendering your bare face and any imperfections into the hands of a stranger will always be slightly nerve-wracking. 

So how about getting that same quality facial at home? 

I tried out Sensio Spa’s complete hydrotherapy facial steamer to see if I could really get that just-been-to-the-spa glow without leaving the comfort of my minion pyjamas. 


That’s all y’all really want to know right? Does it work? Well the spa kit is a set of tools, and there are five steps to complete: 

1. Cleanse and exfoliate using the cleanser (a facial brush on a rotating head)

2. Open up pores using the hot and cool bar on the hot setting 

3. Rehydrate the skin using the facial steamer 

4. Close your pores using the cool setting on the hot and cool bar 

5. Moisturise 

It took me a little while to get used to all the tools and go through the instruction manual, but once I had, it was pretty straightforward. My skin felt so soft after using the cleanser, and I added some facial scrub to the brush to make it more effective. 

Using the facial steamer was super relaxing and my skin felt great afterwards, and even the next day. They recommended doing these five steps 2-3 times a week – I wish I had the time to set aside for all that! Once a week has given me pretty good results. 


This kit comes with a facial steamer, hot and cool bar and cleanser (tool with rotating head) with two attachments: a facial brush and a softer sponge. 


This is easy to set up and not so big that you can’t find space to put it away afterwards, make sure you use bottled or filtered water as tap water will clog up the device. 

Sensio Spa’s complete hydrotherapy facial steamer can be bought at Argos stores and online at for £80. 

Fix or Fail? 

This is definitely a beauty fix. I would highly recommend it for a girl’s night in or as part of a weekly deep clean. If you usually have extractions of blackheads or anti-ageing treatments I would still say the spa or dermatologist is the best place to go, but for a relaxing at home treatment? This product does the job. 

Verdict: beauty fix 


With thanks to NBPR for providing the product. 

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