How I found the perfect nude and lived happily ever after 

Finding the right nude nail varnish is to the millennial as finding the right red lipstick was to our mother’s generation. 

There are so many different shades of ‘nude’ from pinky-nudes to browny-greys, it could take even the most diligent girl several months to find the perfect colour. That being said, I happened upon a pretty perfect shade at Boots completely by accident, and that’s where our tale begins…

…to be honest that’s pretty much the whole story; I found the perfect nude nail varnish, reviewed it, and we lived happily ever after.



I used to be able to paint my nails perfectly, but since shellac was invented and I found out how dope acrylics look, my skills haven’t had much practice and now I’m horrendous at it.

One of my paint jobs was so bad that one evening after work I tried to make an appointment at Reecy Roos at Topshop but they were fully booked. Clutching the price list in my tattered talons I made my way into Boots, searching for an at-home quick fix.

I was looking for something that would dry so quickly I wouldn’t get a chance to ruin it, and in a colour that wouldn’t look too bad if I painted a little outside the lines. And so I picked up Rimmel’s 60 seconds super shine in shade 500: caramel cupcake.



This nail varnish was so easy to apply and really did dry in 60 seconds, although I gave it longer just to be safe. I also bought the clear polish and painted a layer on top for extra shine. Both are £2.99 at Boots stores and online.

My nails have lasted a good week without chipping and I love the colour.

The ‘R’ Factor 

I would definitely recommend this nail varnish to anyone who is looking for a quick fix that they can do at home in an advert break.

Have you tried anything that dries quicker? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @PhoebeParke.

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