How to decide who to invite to your birthday party

Everyone luuurves having friends right? Friends are an essential part of life that make hard moments easier and good moments even better.

But hanging on to people who add nothing to your life just because you feel bad is not going to make for a very healthy celebration.

Let me show you how to decide who to allow to sit at your table for an intimate birthday celebration.

Make a list of everyone you could possibly think of inviting. Then pick up your favourite coloured pen and cross off:

1. Anyone that has never listened to your radio show/read your blog/visited you at the shop you work in/bought from your online store or taken time out to support you in a work capacity in any way

2. Anyone who created drama/a bad atmosphere at any two of your birthday parties in the past ( I can forgive one – everybody has their moments *cough* ME *cough*)


3. Anyone who has broken your heart and it hasn’t fully healed yet

4. Anyone who will ask “who’s going” as soon as you invite them instead of thanking you for the invitation

5. Anyone that has made you cry more than once in the last week

6. Anyone that you can’t call in a crisis

Celebrating your birthday with one person that’s really down for you has to be better than celebrating it with 100 that only care about whether they’re having a good time or not, right?


Took me a *long* time to realise this, but I thought I’d share it with y’all.

Keep that original list of everyone you could possibly think of inviting if you want to have a big club night to celebrate your birthday or rent a hall or whatever, but the smaller list is for an intimate gathering or dinner.

Oh! And if you’re looking for dinner party ideas, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to just that:

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