Seven easy ways to make your Instagram POP

I’ve been on Instagram for years now, but I’m only just starting to learn about how to get it really popping.

My first posts were grainy OOTD’s taken in the mirror at the company I was interning at, but now I’ve learned more about how important the visuals and the text are on Instagram, and was recently featured Sarah Jessica Parker’s beauty brand account.


Here are five things that will make your Instagram account pretty *and* engaging.

1. Take pictures during the day 

Daylight makes for the best lighting, unless you have a professional photography studio.

2. Say no to overfiltering

It’s a good idea to sharpen up an image a little or brighten it if it’s a bit dark – either in the app or by using a free editor such as picmonkey.

But too much editing can make an image look unnatural and doctored.

3. Post consistently 

The experts recommend  posting about three or four times a day, but I’m not about to start posting poor quality images just to fill this quota.

However at Bloggers of Colour, we’ve been posting at least three times a day and it does make a difference to likes and follower numbers.


4. Schedule your posts

Doing things in real time is slowing you down and making you inconsistent. If you’re serious about stepping up your Instagram game then download an app like Latergramm where you can schedule your posts.

Because Instagram doesn’t allow these apps to post for you, you write your caption and select your picture in the app, then it sends you a notification when it’s time to post it.

5. Work on your copy

I know Instagram is all about pictures, but the copy is important too, especially when you share your posts to Twitter, as the first few words are all that people can see.

Think how you can tell a story in the caption, or include a quote, or say something more interesting than a heart emoji – it doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be interesting.


6. Use hashtags

I’m widely mocked for my use of hashtags *rolls eyes* BUT finding out which hashtags are the most popular for different types of images helps them get seen more. My favourites are: #foodie for food pics, #flashesofdelight for anything pretty and girly, and #bloggersoc for anything blogging related.

7. Make your quotes look good too

We all know your face is cute and your flatlays are dope too, but what about your quotes?

Too often I see terribly designed quotes popping up on feeds, my favourite app for making quote images is Word Swag – this app can make even the most basic phrase look good (not that your phrases are basic or anything.)


What are your top Instagram tips? Share them with me in the comments or on Twitter @PhoebeParke.

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