Your checklist for the perfect blogging date

A blogging date is a just like a regular date, except instead of making a bunch of awkward small talk, you talk about blogging and it’s totally OK to bring your laptop or iPad.

BTW: I’m not necessarily talking about a romantic date here – please do check with your significant other before bringing your laptop out on date night.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

1. A blogging buddy 

The perfect blogging buddy is someone who is at a similar level to you in the blogging world (i.e. similar niche/page views/frequency of posts) and its essential that you both want to see each other win.

Nobody has any time at all for competitive and shady blogging buddys, or people who just want to learn how to do what you do, and not give anything back.

2. A device to work on and some damn good Wifi

If you follow me on Snapchat (PhoebeParke) you’ll know that I work on an iPad mini with a pineapple cover, very mature. But if you have a laptop that’s light enough for you to carry around, that works too!

You’ll want to show your buddy your blog or things you’ve seen online that they might be inspired by, and sometimes a mobile phone screen is just too small.


3. Questions and praise 

Writing down questions you have about blogging in general or about something your buddy does well, that you don’t know how to do, is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your date.

But don’t make it seem like an interview – this is why it’s best to do something like this with someone at a similar level to you.

4. Delicious food 

I actually can’t believe that this is so far down the list! Some good, not too expensive, food is essential for good conversation and so neither of you are distracted by a rumbling tummy.

5. And, of course, drinks 

The time of day will dictate what kind of drinks you’re having, but the idea is to create an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere with your buddy so the good ideas can flow.


Good spots for blogging dates include: 

Nandos – because you can stay there for hours and no one cares (again, remember this is not for a romantic date *rolls eyes*)

The Ace Hotel’s restaurant – because they have amazing food and charging points

Cabana Brixton – because of the chilled out atmosphere and reasonable prices


My favourite blogging buddy is Hannah Ajala (we like to eat at Nandos and drink sangria) she blogs over at:

For more work space ideas take a look at this Pinterest board.

One thought on “Your checklist for the perfect blogging date

  1. spokenblackgirl says:

    I need a blogging buddy! Where are some of the best places to connect with other bloggers in your area, I wonder? Great post! I hope to go on a blogging date soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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