Impartial Review: Soap and Glory Hand Food

Good hand cream is one of life’s essentials. Like comfortable heels, good food and spacious handbags.

In my opinion it should be four things; pleasantly fragrant, moisturising, easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

Let’s see how Soap & Glory’s Hand Food fares…


Hand Food has a clean almost chlorine-esque smell that isn’t too overpowering – Soap & Glory say it’s Rose and Bergamont. Perfect.


To be effective hand cream needs to do it’s job with getting in the way. Hand Food’s non-greasy formula means you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping out your hand or getting your keyboard greasy.

You can just apply, and be on your merry way.


There’s nothing too scary on the ingredients list, although there are a lot of ingredients which is never a wonderful sign.

Goodies on the list include sweet almond oil, grape seed oil and Shea butter.

Hand Food Phoebe Parke main .jpg

I love that this hand cream absorbs so quickly, I use the 50ml bottle which fits perfectly in my make-up bag.

You can buy Hand Food online or at Boots stores in the UK for £5.50/125ml.

The R Factor 

I would definitely recommend this hand cream to someone who wants a product that does the job and smells good while doing it.

What’s your favourite hand cream? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @PhoebeParke.

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