Why I gave up going out and started investing in myself instead

It was the morning after an especially heavy night out for a friend’s birthday when an email came in with an uber receipt, and I realised how much the night had cost me.

Adding up the new dress I’d bought, card I’d got her, dinner we’d had, emergency tit tape I’d picked up for the group, drinks we’d ordered, tube we’d taken there, cabs we’d taken back, food we’d bought afterwards, drinks we’d bought for the after party, I realised something.

We are so willing to invest in some areas but not others.

If I told you to spend £100 right now on starting up a website for yourself or your business, I’m pretty sure you’d be reluctant, you might even be reluctant to spend £20 on a blog consultation to revamp your current site.

But how much did you spend altogether on your last night out?



Our generation is not used to investing in ourselves, with the money I had spent on that night out I could have paid for a photographer to shoot photos for a street style outfit post (which is what I did the following week, keep an eye out for that post).

Of course we should celebrate our friends, enjoy ourselves and show people that we appreciate them, but show yourself some appreciation too by investing in yourself and getting some good old fashioned rest.


It’s not embarrassing to be at home during the weekend anymore (or if it is, I didn’t get the memo).

On most Friday or Saturday nights you can now find me curled up under a blanket reading Forbes, writing blog posts or, occasionally, doing a little online shopping.

What could you invest in with the money you spent last weekend? Let me know in the comments.

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