Review: Magnitone’s The Full Monty

Maintaining soft, supple and smooth legs is something that is surprisingly high up on my list of priorities.

Whether it’s winter or summer, a photo shoot or spontaneous evening out could come up any second, and I refuse to be that girl in tights at the rooftop bar.

So, when I heard Magnitone had multi-tasking brush for the whole body, I had to try it.


Magnitone’s The Full Monty is a multi-tasking device that cleanses, tones, and exfoliates skin from head to toe (literally). There are different modes and brush attachments for different areas; face, body and feet.

Vibra-Sonic technology boosts circulation and gets dirt out of pores that you can’t even see.

I tried the brush on my body first, using my normal shower gel. With slightly wet skin I worked in circular motions to buff away at my legs and body. I then washed the device, changed the brush and used the face mode for my face – again with my normal face wash and slightly wet skin.

All the different modes (face, body, feet) have different levels of vibration and the device beeps to let you know when to move on to another area (a bit like an electric toothbrush.)

I saw better results using the brush on my face than on my body, I’m used to being pretty rough with my exfoliating gloves on my body and found the brush just didn’t get in there in the way I’m used to, so I used The Full Monty to tone my body, and then exfoliating gloves to get in there and really scrub off the dead skin (sorry, kinda gross.)

The Full Monty was perfect for my face, that extra time spent cleansing and toning has brightened up my skin and it ensures my makeup is taken off properly! You should remove the majority of your makeup with a wet wipe or flannel before using the brush otherwise it gets pretty messy.


The Full Monty was really easy to use, I read the leaflet that came with it because I’m nerdy like that, but I didn’t really need to. You can get the hang of it just by using it a few times and seeing what works for you.

It’s waterproof and comes with a charging cable so you can charge it up and take it on holiday or away for the weekend.

You can get your hands on Magnitone London’s The Full Monty for £130 online.

The R Factor 

If you’re looking for one tool to get your whole body ready for Summer, this is it.

The toning effect on the body and cleansing on the face all in one tool have earned this baby a prime spot in my bathroom, there’s also an attachment for feet, and it even comes with it’s own stand.

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