21 signs he’s not wasting your time, and actually likes you

1. He doesn’t let a day go by without checking on you
2. He has a *unique* pet name for you
3. He doesn’t just make plans with you at the weekend, but during the week too
4. He’s told at least three members of his family, friends or colleagues about you
5. He takes a genuine interest in your work, hobby or side hustle

6. He’s invested a significant amount of time or money into you, without complaint or hesitation
7. He always checks that you get home ok, no matter what time of night it is
8. He talks to you about his problems, hopes and fears
9. He makes slightly uncomfortable compromises to make sure you’re happy; e.g. on choice of film/restaurant/meeting location
10. He actually listens when you speak (you can always tell)


11. His toes point towards you naturally when you’re standing together
12. He still tries to impress you months after you started talking e.g. still dresses up when you meet/is on time/suggests new and exciting things to do
13. He’s invited you to meet a friend, family member or colleague and actually followed through
14. He focuses on you when you’re together instead of his phone/the waitress/that couple arguing in the corner
15. He notices when you change something *major* about your appearance

16. If you were to pop up at his workplace he wouldn’t be alarmed or scared
17. If you were to bump into someone he knew in public he would introduce you by name
18. He makes plans with you more than a week into the future
19. He’s made it clear that his attraction to you is more than physical
20. He leans towards you when you speak
21. He tells you about plans that are absolutely none of your business e.g. that he’s going to Barcelona with the boys next month

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