How To Pick A Niche On Instagram

When working with coaching clients, this is probably one of the hardest steps to tackle. If I had a pound for every time someone refused to pick one area of interest because they are ‘multi-passionate’ well, I’d probably ony have about £20, but you see my point!

Now, let me be clear, having a niche isn’t essential, but it makes personal branding on Instagram so much easier. It keeps you focused when creating content and means new people who find your profile get a clear idea of what to expect from you. 

How do you pick a niche on Instagram? 

Please pick a specific niche. I know you’re interested in 500 different topics, but just pick one thing to focus on for now – you can always broaden out later on.

Your niche should be:

  • something you’re knowledgeable about (you don’t have to be an expert yet, you can document your journey to becoming one)
  • an area you’re genuinely interested in, not just a niche you see everyone else winning in
  • an area there’s a market for, especially if you want to sell products or services at some point

Now people get confused when I start talking about niches, a niche is not just a broad area of interest.

These are examples of niches

  • sustainable fashion
  • skincare for women over 40
  • finance for millennials
  • vegan dessert recipes
  • workouts for new mums


These are not niches

  • fashion blogger
  • beauty YouTuber
  • money expert
  • foodie
  • fitness influencer


Now, there are some exceptions!

I know what you’re going to say; ‘but [insert influencer here] is so popular and she doesn’t have a niche!’

They might have one, it’s just not immediately visible to you. Lots of creators look like ‘fashion influencers’ on the surface, but actually they only wear vintage clothes, or they have a specific aesthetic they stick to, or for some beauty YouTubers their personality or target audience is their niche. 

The more popular you get, the more you can broaden out because people are already familiar with you and your story. Having a narrow niche will help you get clear on your branding early on and get those core fans you need to find new followers. 


TLDR: pick a niche and stick to it!


I hope this helped you! If you want to learn more about Instagram marketing and how to grow your personal brand on the platform, download my 14 day step-by-step personal branding course.