Eating barbecue in Brixton – without the Jerk

It used to be the case that if you were going out to eat in Brixton, you were looking for Caribbean food and it was during the day – Healthy Eaters on Electric Avenue is my favourite place for jerk chicken, plus it’s walking distance from Ruach City Church.

But now, whether you like it or not, Brixton has changed; catering to new and old residents and visitors is Cabana Brixton.

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The benefits of eating alone

Sounds like a pretty sad title for a blog post, but I promise its not sad at all.

For one group of people, dining alone is their idea of hell, they feel awkward and worry everyone thinks they’ve been stood up. For others its pure bliss, and here are 15 reasons why;

1. You can order whatever you want. If you want to eat edamame beans and nothing else, fine, if you want to order a set menu for two to yourself, also fine. NO judgement.
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