Foodie Review: Chak 89

I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have visited Chak 89 in Mitcham. I’ve held graduation dinners there, birthday parties for myself and others, and can usually be found spooning onion chutney onto poppadoms there any given Sunday.

So I thought it was about time to share what I think of this star-studded restaurant with the world.


Chak edited

The range and quality of food at Chak 89 is second to none. This is not your average Indian restaurant serving sloppy kormas and runny vindaloos. These are authentic Indian dishes made with skill and presented immaculately.

My usual is chilli paneer with a vegetable biryani (shared between three) with a garlic naan and coke. The chilli paneer is extremely spicy and so is the biryani so I would recommend making good use of the raita (cooling yoghurt) that comes with. The chilli squid as a starter also comes highly recommended.

The dessert menu has recently changed to include fresh cream cakes, sweet samosas and gourmet trios of desserts served in shot glasses which is a vast improvement on the previous dessert offerings.



It may seem strange to have this category in a restaurant review, but there is method to my madness, (I promise). Despite what top chefs may think (Heston Blumenthal I’m looking at you) the main reason for eating food is to be full afterwards.

I have never ever finished all the food I ordered at Chak 89. That either means I have eyes bigger than my belly or the portions are huge. I’ll let you decide that one…


CHAK decor 2

The location of Chak 89 is one thing that those I’ve invited find a bit odd, in the middle of a residential area in Mitcham with a Korean supermarket just down the road, it’s a bit out of the way to say the least.

But this means there is ample parking space (Chak holds banquets and wedding receptions on the other floors), and if Mo Farah, David Haye and JLS can make it, so can I. If you do visit, make sure you take the stairs on the way up to the restaurant and you will see all the celebrities that have signed the walls and taken pictures there.

The great thing about this place is that the food is such high quality but the prices are really reasonable. I rarely pay more than £20 for my whole meal including drinks, and you could easily pay less than £10 and be full.



Chak are not shy when it comes to seasoning and spices and I love how authentic everything tastes, as I mentioned, it’s a far cry from the usual Indian takeaway.

‘R factor’


Not only have I recommended this  place to everyone I know I have also already dragged all my family and friends there, and will continue to do so until I get their secret paneer recipe.

Have you been to Chak 89? Let me know what you thought below.

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