Eating barbecue in Brixton – without the Jerk

It used to be the case that if you were going out to eat in Brixton, you were looking for Caribbean food and it was during the day – Healthy Eaters on Electric Avenue is my favourite place for jerk chicken, plus it’s walking distance from Ruach City Church.

But now, whether you like it or not, Brixton has changed; catering to new and old residents and visitors is Cabana Brixton.

I went along to the restaurant, tucked into a nook on Ferndale road, with fellow journalist Hannah Ajala to see whether this Brazilian barbecue spot could be my new post-church haunt.



We started with pulled pork sliders and spicy chicken wings, neither of which were easy to eat, but both tasted great – not too spicy or salty.

As Hannah had been to a branch of Cabana before, I took her lead and ordered barbecue, sorry Guava-cue, chicken which was cooked to perfection on a skewer, with sweet potato fries.

I would highly recommend those fries and have been dreaming about them ever since, the chicken was nice, but a little cold – I’m one of those annoying people who needs their food to be piping hot, but doesn’t actually eat it until it cools down.

We made good headway through the cocktail menu as well, the Red Tail Parrot and Cabana Colada were our favourites.




This might seem like a strange category to have in a restaurant review, but hear me out. It’s all well and good eating at nice places, but if you’re not full afterwards, then what’s the point?

We were too full to even glimpse at the dessert menu, well, you have to save something for the next visit, right?




A short walk from Brixton tube station, this restaurant would be perfect for a low-key birthday dinner (there’s loads of long tables, candles and a good range of dishes).

The location means it’s easy to get to before a concert at Brixton Academy, and the prices range from up to £19.95 for a steak to £8.95 for chicken dishes, which come with sides. Starters and desserts are around £5 and cocktails range from £6.95 to £8.95.


The ‘R’ Factor


I would definitely recommended Cabana Brixton for a group meal or a cocktail dinner with the girls, it’s the perfect place for when you want somewhere more upmarket than nandos, but pay day hasn’t come yet.



With thanks to Cabana Brixton and Rich London PR for the meal and images.

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