5 of the Best… Products for Curly Hair That You May Not Have Heard of

Everyone seems to be obsessed with curly hair at the moment (me included) with a huge trend towards ‘going natural‘ in the past decade.

Some have said this is a backlash against treated hair and weaves, as a result there has been a move towards more organic and ‘natural ‘ ingredients. The hair market has been quick to respond and is now flooded with products claiming to be perfect for curly hair.

Here are 5 products that actually work (they’ve all been tested on my own curly locks) and that you might not have heard of yet…

5. Ruby Red’s Hair Oil Treatment

HOT111 - 100ml Hair Oil Treatment sml

We start of the countdown with a real treat for the hair. The restorative combination of plant and essential oils work together to treat dry, damaged hair and get moisture right back into the roots.

Want to know exactly what those wonder oils are? This product is a blend of Olive, Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Coconut oils which team up to get rid of, and prevent, split ends.

This product can be used as a pre-conditioner to massage into the scalp. The blend of four aromatic organic essential oils including Lavender and Rosemary stimulates hair growth by improving circulation and relieves itchiness.


P.S. Ruby Red is based in the UK and uses the nutrients and vitamins in plants to work with the skin from the outside and is formulated without SLS, petrochemicals, parabens to prevent irritation of the skin.

Available from selected independent beauty boutiques and online at www.ethicalsuperstore.com and the Ruby Red shop.


4. MoroccanOil Curl Control Mousse


Once you’ve shampooed, conditioned and added moisture to your curls, it’s time to style your hair. In my experience the products on the market for styling tend to make hair feel crunchy, flaky and basically make your hair feel like it’s been dipped in salt water and left to dry.

Luckily for us, MoroccanOil have developed a lightweight yet powerful formula enriched with argan oil to tame, define and hold curls naturally for hours, while sealing in moisture and keeping out frizz. Curls and ringlets are left looking soft, smooth and natural in any weather.


Available at selected salons and online via feelunique.com


3. Sheabutter Cottage Marula Hair Balm

Marula Hair Balm

We are used to smothering balms on our lips, but putting balms on our hair can be just as beneficial. Sheabutter Cottage took some premium Ghanian pure unrefined cocoa butter, vitamin C rich Marula and Papaya Oil with a drizzle of agave nectar (a great plant humectant to help promote shine and for defining curls) and whizzed it all up together to created this balm which gives hair what they like to call the ‘ah-marula’ effect.

Another great thing about this product is that a little goes a long way. Just a small blob of this balm is enough to cover at least half of my hair when wet, so it’s a great investment and it doesn’t leave hair sticky or waxy – it’s just natural plant softness.


Buy online here: www.akuawood.co.uk

2. Mixed Chicks


Some of you may have heard of American brand Mixed Chicks, but it’s availability in the UK and huge price tag (including shipping) made it an unattractive choice for many women. But since its launch in the UK, people this side of the pond are starting to see the benefits of this brand.

While chain stores like Boots and Superdrug have finally started stocking products for Afro hair in recent years, there is still a gap in the market for what is estimated by 2020 to be the largest ethnic minority group in the UK. Mixed Chicks aims to bring vibrant, salon-finished style to a consumer demographic that has so far been neglected in the UK mass market and they’re certainly doing well so far.

I would recommend the Deep conditioner which always leaves my hair feeling soft and bouncy, use after the Mixed Chicks shampoo unless you’re a co-washer.

£10.95/ 236ml

Available to buy from well stocked hair shops and online.


1. Macadamia Reviving Curl Cream


One of my absolute favourite products for curly hair, this cream provides hold, softness and amazing form whilst locking in moisture and sealing out humidity (the cause of all that frizz, especially on holiday). So what’s the secret behind how this product produces gorgeous bouncy curls?

Firstly, it’s infused with Omega 7 fatty acid which is essential not just for the hair but for the scalp and skin too, secondly it offers UV protection so hair doesn’t suffer damage from the sun’s rays. Thirdly this product is packed full of essential ingredients that hair loves including; Sunflower Oil, Ginko Biloba, Rosemary, Sage, Algae Extracts, and Argan Oil.

Want to try it? Apply on clean, damp hair. Work a small amount of Curl Cream between hands and evenly distribute through hair. Shape soft, defined curls by styling as usual, and then I would recommend letting hair air dry instead of using a hairdryer.

Available only at selected salons, spas and beauty supply stores.


For more curly hair inspiration, see my natural hairstyles board on Pinterest:

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