17 A Seat at the Table lyrics for when you need an Instagram caption

1. I’m gonna look for my body yeah/ I’ll be back real soon

2. But you know that a king is only a man/ With flesh and bones, he bleeds just like you do

3. I tried to dance it away/ I tried to change it with my hair

4. But it’s hard when you only/ Got fans around and no fam around/ And if they are, then their hands are out/ And they pointing fingers

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How I faced my fears and started my own radio show

I’m the definition of an introvert; most comfortable in the corner of a room sipping a glass of Prosecco than in the middle of the dance floor, most suited to deep and meaningful one on one conversations than public speaking, and most used to being part of close, tight friendship circles than part of a larger gang.

So how did I end up hosting a grime show on Monday nights on a growing community radio station?

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Lady Leshurr talks banter, being posh and writing her own sketch show

Having listened to Lady Leshurr’s music for years, the last place I expected to interview her was the press preview of a film festival at Channel 4. But nevertheless, that’s where I found her, bubbly and frank as ever.

The event in question was in honour of the British Urban Film Festival, which starts on September 17. The festival will host 27 screenings and four UK premieres, as well as panel discussions around issues affecting the urban film industry.

So, why was one of the UK’s best rappers there?

Well, Melesha O’Garro, better known by her stage name, Lady Leshurr, has turned her talents to acting. She stars in the film Lapse of Honour which will be shown on September 18 at the Genesis cinema in Stepney, Tower Hamlets.

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