How I faced my fears and started my own radio show

I’m the definition of an introvert; most comfortable in the corner of a room sipping a glass of Prosecco than in the middle of the dance floor, most suited to deep and meaningful one on one conversations than public speaking, and most used to being part of close, tight friendship circles than part of a larger gang.

So how did I end up hosting a grime show on Monday nights on a growing community radio station?

The person who used to sweat if she was called on to speak in meetings, had to learn how to face her fears and speak up because of the power of the idea she had.

The idea for The Grimary School; a show that teaches people about the origins of grime and where you can hear the stories behind old and new grime tracks and artists, was so powerful that it was bigger than my insecurities.

Have you ever had an idea that it just won’t go away? I have.


I was introduced to grime by a boyfriend in sixth form, by the time we broke up I was a die hard grime fan. Ripping tracks from online and playing them on my MP3 player and compiling YouTube playlists of my favourite grime songs well into university.

I was the only girl dancing among all the boys when Pow came on, that actually knew all the lyrics.

As soon as I had the idea for The Grimary School I started visualising the promo materials for the show, what I would wear each week to the studio, how I’d use diamond encrusted headphones and have a jacket with DJ Phoebe on the back, how Giggs, Skepta and Lady Leshurr would be joining me in the studio (a girl can dream, right?) and how the my friends, family and the industry as a whole would be blown away by my awesome presenting skills, the unique concept of the show and grime would become their favourite genre.

Well, it didn’t quite work out like that. First of all, I had to wait for my slot, I wasn’t the only excited music lover with a show idea to pitch. I waited over six months from pitch to the first show, that whole time I wanted to forget the idea, but it kept playing on my mind, so I kept chasing and checking if any new slots had become available.

Secondly Lady Leshurr has not yet graced the studio with her presence, but I have been honoured to have some awesome guests including Cadet, Kidd PDU and Startzy come and tell me about how they got started in the grime scene and what they think of the genre now.

Thirdly while some of my friends and family have listened to the show, more people have told me I’m unqualified to host a grime show, than have congratulated me on getting my own slot. Either saying I’m “too well spoken” or don’t play “real grime.” I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Those diamond encrusted headphones are still pending, but you can catch me on Wandsworth Radio each and every Monday from 7 to 8pm, telling you the stories behind some of the best grime music ever made, and playing you the very best in old and new school grime.


With special thanks to Jason Rosam, Asia V, Rhys Waul, Monsuru Alasi and Rob Wong.


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“I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” – Psalm 34:4

2 thoughts on “How I faced my fears and started my own radio show

  1. Natalie says:

    Good for you for pushing yourself past your comfort zone! 🙂 I have traveled to all sorts of events and met wonderful people that I wouldn’t have gotten to know without my writing, so I completely understand. Rock on!

    Liked by 1 person

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