15 Skepta lyrics for when you need an Instagram caption

For the squad 

1. “When I get through I’mma bring my dargs/ 2 by 2, man a walk on the ark”

2. “I got day ones and I got new ones/ No fake ones, trust no one”

3. “See me on the catwalk, you see me in the movies/ Still you can end up dead when you disrespect the goonies”

4. “See me with the street goons on the ends/ Next day I’m in the GQ Top 10/ Tracksuit Mafia, the best dressed men”

5. “The heat will bang for a legend on the roads/ So keep your hands off my bredrins and my clothes”


With bae 

6. “Upset cause your wife is a fan, she done with a little boy/ Now she wants to be with a man”

7. “I’m looking for a girl with an X factor/ But I don’t judge like Simon does”

8. “Linked us, now she don’t wanna link them man again/ Your ex plays in the Prem but you never see him taking a pen”

9. “The girl of my dreams/ You ain’t tryna be part of the scene/ And when I talk in code, you know what I mean/ Too much style, way too clean”

10. “I’ve been around the world and back/ I ain’t met anybody I wanna be with more than you”


For a selfie 

11. “Teachers used to diss me/ Now when I touch the road I make history/ Tried to assassinate me, but they missed me/ You could never blacklist me”

12. “I broke down a few more barricades/ Got me a few more accolades”

13. “Only time man are gonna see me again/ Is if I share location”

14. “Told me you was a big fan but the first thing you said when you saw me is ‘Can I get a pic for the gram?'”

15. “Went to the show sitting in the front row in a black tracksuit and it’s shutdown”


Featured image credit: The Fader

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