Impartial Review: Jane Iredale’s Botanical Make Up Remover

When I tweeted that I’d be reviewing a Jane Iredale product I got a very positive reaction, mainly from beauty industry professionals and make up artists who love the brand. This means a lot…

If the industry professionals are using the product, and putting themselves out there and recommending it, it’s a very good sign. But it seems as though the average Joanne, let’s call her, doesn’t know that much about and the brand, and nor did I.


By doing a little bit of research I found out that Jane Iredale is brand that focuses on making products that are good for the skin and enhancing the features women already have instead of painting new ones on, sounds good. Let’s see how the product fared against my 5 criteria: Smell, Effectiveness, Convenience, Ingredients and that secret ‘R Factor’.

This product smells divine. It has a clean fresh natural scent with a citrus edge which is just what you want from a make up remover, I hate those harsh chemically smells some have. And this product is actually effective, but isn’t too harsh. I had serious panda eyes from some adverse weather conditions (St. Jude) on the night I used this and by the time I had finished I was completely (albeit frighteningly) make up free.

In terms of convenience all I had to provide was a cotton ball and a little elbow grease and the product did all the hard work. Removing your make up every day is really essential, but washing your face should always come after using make up remover; nothing can beat soap (not a bar of soap – a good face wash) and water. But to actually get the make up off a make up remover is a great first step. The bottle is nice and small as well so you can take it on the go.

However, the price is not so convenient. This product costs 16 whole pounds. This is a lot of money. I was sent my bottle by the kind people at the International Institute for Anti-Ageing, if you’re not getting it from them then test it out in store first if you can to see if you really like it. The price may make more sense when you have a glance at the ingredients list. Jane Iredale gets brownie points from me because I can actually read the ingredients list (woohoo) which includes Cucumber, Algae, Honeysuckle flower and Radish root. Because of this it isn’t as harsh as other make up removers (my skin did dry out a little bit but it is very sensitive.)

Now onto the ‘R Factor‘ which I made up, but I’ve found it to be a useful term.  The ‘R Factor’ describes the occasion when you use a product for the first time you are so blown away that your recommend it the product immediately, whether it is a tweet saying “OMG! I just discovered an amazing new product!” or picking up the phone to tell your best friend about it, that is the reaction companies die for. This product did not make me want to rant and rave about it but if someone asked me what the best natural make up remover is, I would say it was this one.

Overall this product works really well and I love the natural ingredients, it means if some of it gets in your mouth you don’t have to use mouthwash to get the taste out (not that I’d recommend drinking it or anything) but it is expensive so unless you’ve tried out a tester and loved it, I’d say stick to cheapo face wipes.


To send products for review, please email for details. Please note that products over £30 may be returned. 

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