Impartial review: Lush African Paradise body conditioner

Time is tight in the mornings, no matter how early you wake up there always seems to be a rush to get out the house, and never enough time to do everything at as leisurely a pace as you’d like.

So when I find products that save me time I have to shout about them.

I found this body wash, (or body conditioner) by chance while browsing at Lush, and I’m so glad I did, it cleans, moisturises and smells good all at once.

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Impartial Review: MAC matchmaster foundation

I haven’t always worn foundation; back when I was about 13-years-old I had one compact of beige pressed powder I sometimes wore, and for special occasions I’d add some lipgloss.

Now times have changed, not only in terms of how much make up I wear, but also in the technology that goes into creating cosmetics.  Let’s see if the new techy kid on the block, MAC matchmaster foundation, actually works.

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Beauty Fix or Beauty Fail: Environ’s Revival Masque

My general hatred for the way anti-ageing products are marketed is well documented (OK, I wrote about it once, here) but the products themselves are usually pretty harmless. 

Environ’s Revival Masque is a home treatment which professes to create “visibly luminous, radiant, smoother, younger and revitalised skin through the combination of revolutionary ingredients Asiatic, Mandelic and Lactic Acid.”  
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Yes to Coconuts Polishing Body Scrub: Impartial Review

I’ve always been an enthusiastic exfoliator, and while I’m very much opposed to real life scrubs, I do think a good body polish is an essential skincare product.

I tested out this Yes to Coconuts scrub over two weeks, below is my completely impartial review.


Guess what this product smells like? Go on! Yep it’s coconuts, but not like coconuts in the wild, it’s very much a ‘imitation’ coconut smell.

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Impartial Review: Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation

I love make up that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing make up. This might sound a little counter intuitive but who wants to look like they have a face full of slap?

I’d rather have people wondering; “does she just have naturally flawless skin, or is she wearing make up?” Keep ’em guessing, that’s what I say.

So when I was invited to the launch of Perricone MD‘s new ‘no make up make up’ range I immediately felt like it was a brand that would understand my needs.

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Impartial Review: Kiss The Moon Glow After Dark Bath Oil

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep,” — William Shakespeare, The Tempest.

Are your days as dreamy as a Shakespeare sonnet? If not, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep. According to NHS studies, over a third of the UK population suffer from poor sleep quality on a regular basis.

After a successful and fulfilling career, ex-Media Director and Innovation Consultant at Saatchi & Saatchi, Jo Foster came up with a simple resolution. She decided to pay the same amount of attention to her well-being during the night as she did during the day, and so Kiss the Moon was born.

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Impartial Review: BooTea Detox

As busy as life in the city can get, there’s always time for a new health fad.

Virtually everyone I meet is on some kind of detox or diet, each with varying levels of insanity. When I heard about the BooTea teatox I have to admit I was a little skeptical, but when I got the chance to try it and read more about it, I thought it could only do me good… (I also took part in Go Sober for October this month which is great for detoxifying.)

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Impartial Review: Jane Iredale’s Botanical Make Up Remover

When I tweeted that I’d be reviewing a Jane Iredale product I got a very positive reaction, mainly from beauty industry professionals and make up artists who love the brand. This means a lot…

If the industry professionals are using the product, and putting themselves out there and recommending it, it’s a very good sign. But it seems as though the average Joanne, let’s call her, doesn’t know that much about and the brand, and nor did I.

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Impartial Review: Mazuri Olive Oil Sheen Spray

I get hair envy on a daily basis, so when I was sent this sheen spray by Be Box (the subscription box for women of colour), I had to try it out. To make this review fair and uniform with my other reviews, I have laid out 5 criteria to test this product by: Smell, Effectiveness, Convenience, Ingredients and the ‘R Factor’, the meaning of which will be revealed later…

When I unwrapped this product, the first thing I did was smell it. So many hair products have such strong smells that they really put me off using them; there is nothing worse than meeting someone for the first time and getting knocked out by an overpowering cloud of hair product. This product smells amazing, the best way I can describe it is a gentle smell of the forest with a sugary topnote, sound strange, smells amazing.

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