How to feel like superwoman

Sometimes, just sometimes, it can feel as though everything is falling apart… and I mean everything. 

All in one day I could argue with everyone I come into contact with, fail an important exam, hurt myself in several places, break something beyond repair, get 101 emails all bearing bad news, forget to do all the essential time-sensitive things I had to do, wear a hideous outfit, get rained on and have frizzy hair, lose something I can’t buy again *draws breath* and, not suprisingly, this makes me feel like I don’t have everything under control.

If you ever feel like this, here are 9 (rather superficial) things I do to make myself feel more like superwoman.

9. Make a packed lunch 

lunch collage

There are two types of people on the tube in the morning, those who have brought lunch from home, and those who haven’t. Those who have, proudly display their lunchtime parcel in a separate tote/respectable supermarket bag, no matter how much space their work bag has.

Those who don’t, clutch an over-priced coffee in their hands, which they are unable to drink on account of being nestled in some strangers armpit, and pine after home-made sustenance.

When I take a packed lunch to work I don’t feel like a child, I feel smug, especially if I’m also carrying a home-baked treat for the afternoon energy slump.

8. Schedule EVERYTHING 

I know how long things take to do, and when I want to do them by so I use a digital calendar (the gmail one) and schedule everything in, from bible study to hair wash day — and yes it does take a day.

Do you know how satisfying it is to say to someone “Let me check my diary” and actually have an up-to-date one at the touch of a button?

Also scheduling is much better than writing a to-do list because to-do lists never, ever end.

7. Lay out my outfits the night before 

outfit collage

I actually have a friend who prepares her outfits a week in advance, I have no idea what I’ll be in the mood for next Friday but I do know what I want to wear tomorrow. Also, checking the weather forecast helps to ensure you aren’t completely inappropriately dressed.

6. Shave my legs

OK maybe a bit TMI for some readers, but I don’t know of a better feeling that the one of smooth legs against fresh bedsheets — add satin bedding for that extra ‘ahhh’.

5. Have a tidy room 

Workspace collage

OK, so the actual act of tidying is not that fun, BUT the feeling of having a perfectly tidy room and knowing where everything is, is just bliss. Pinterest gives me endless clever storage solutions.

4. Wear eyeliner

For a long time I wore little-to-no make up, and then I discovered the joys of foundation (life-changing) and eye-liner. Having two perfect moons of liquid eyeliner on top of my eyes makes me feel like I can conquer the day, even though it does take about 279 attempts.

3. Have a mani-pedi/eyebrows/hair done 

Nails collage

Even if I DIY my nails or hair, it makes a massive difference, I don’t want to be embarrassed to have my hands or hair out in public — not very superwoman-ish at all. Everything just feels better with a manicure, even if you’re taking out the bins.

2. Organise my finances

Instead of a stuffed IKEA box of bank letters and GCSE certificates I now have a folder which contains all my essential banking info, and man does it feel good.

1. Match something 

Matching collage

Matching items were made for down days, whether it’s underwear or a mug and coaster there is something weirdly satisfying about seeing two things that look just right together.

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