Sneak Peek: Swatch SS15

If you’re anything like me you’re already planning for summer, and since we’re planning for it we might as well be accessorising it too. Agreed?

The watches in the seven Spring/Summer Collection from Swatch this year are stunning. They have something for everyone in the family with prices ranging from £32 – £120.50.



The first collection, Spring Breeze, is my absolute favourite, it’s glamorous, fun and full of glitter. The pieces are super feminine but also down-to-earth and something you could practically wear on the beach without fear of ruining it with sand.


Second comes Gran Turismo, inspired by vehicles of all shapes and sizes, these pieces are updated versions of classic watch styles, with added pops of colour and a lot of metal.


In a completely different lane, My Pet & Me is targeted at children. With lots of bright colours and animal caricatures this collection features a piece designed  by Finnish artist Tarik Arnautovic called WILD TOTEM (SUOZ191).

These collections are available now from Swatch stores and on


Red White & Blue is Swatch’s nautical inspired collection also in the Spring range. These practical watches in rubber and plastic add a touch of adventure and curiosity  to any look.


In the playroom is the fifth Spring collection from Swatch, inspired by games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Mikado and Operation.

These two  collections are available from February 26 in Swatch stores and on



Surfing the wave, the first of the summer collections from Swatch is all about practicality. Leaving the intricate details for the other collections, Swatch have decided to make these watches simple and very, very bright.


Travel is all about colours and flavours and so this collection, Mediterranean Dolce Vita echoes that. The watches; Tomatella, Onione and Vitamine Boost are great for fun-loving frequent flyers.

All the summer collections are available from April 23 from Swatch stores and on

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