How falling down the stairs in a jumpsuit reminded me to be humble

I have no interest in being perfect, but I am interested in being humble.

Remember that time I told you about how I fell down the stairs at a very well-attended party?

If not, let me summarise for you: Picture the scene, I’m at a party with (what seemed like) a million people I went to University with, and other friends of friends, and I’m having to pretend that I’m feeling myself big time, because, for a number of different reasons, I feel insecure.

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Why you need a signature look and how to find one

When Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama agree on something, it’s time sit up and take notice.

On Monday I wrote about how doing things in real time is slowing you down, (well, I didn’t write it on Monday because I don’t write blog posts in real time, but you know what I mean.)

Finding and sticking to a signature look is something the most successful people from Albert Einstein all the way to Mark Zuckerberg have done.

Here’s why you need one and how to find it.

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Leomie Anderson exposes what it’s really like to be a black model on a white runway

“Why can a white model sit in anyone’s chair and feel confident they’ll look okay but black models have to worry?”

“Why is there only ever one black hairdresser backstage yet they need four hairdressers to inspect my weave?”

“Why is it that the black makeup artists are busy with blonde white girls and slaying their makeup and I have to supply my own foundation?”

These are the questions London-based model Leomie Anderson was asking in a series of tweets on February 17.

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15 UK Grime Lyrics For When You Need an Instagram Caption 

For the squad 

1. “We’re in our own lane, M1/Ten man one bottle you’re on them ones” 

2. “New life, new team, now rolling” 

3. “Ain’t doing local things, but we be them local geezers”  

4. “We’re not hooligans/Just young and talented Nubians/With potential and promise/Innovative young masterminds like Sean Wallace” 

5. “I’m in a different class/When I get through imma bring my dargs/2 by 2, man a walk on the ark” 
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