Impartial Review: Tresor Rare Facial

The word ‘facial’ fills me with excitement and dread in equal measure. Excitement at the prospect of a relaxing half an hour filled with light chatter, a nice face and neck massage and a fresh looking face… and dread at the prospect of leaving a salon with no make up on.

Is it just me? Anyway, vanity aside, I was invited to have a facial at the gorgeous Tresor Rare salon just off Oxford Street, and so had to get over my fears.

Tresor Rare product


I absolutely loved my facial at Tresor rare, the treatment room is way downstairs and away from the shop floor, who knew there was somewhere so tranquil so close to Oxford Street!

I had a full consultation with the beauty therapist before any treatment had started and she actually listened to what I wanted and made sure I was comfortable as each product went on.

After exfoliation, deep cleansing, facial steaming, a thermal mask (to draw out impurities) more cleansing, and then moisturising, I definitely felt relaxed, refreshed and rid of whatever had been lurking in my pores.


Tresor has stores all across the world, the only one in London in on South Molton street. While I did enjoy my facial and could see clear results after wards, I have to say I probably wouldn’t have gone for the facial had I not been invited. It’s something I see as a luxury, and it’s not cheap – prices start at £150 for a 50 minute session.


One of the reasons the price is so high is because the facials use Tresor rare products which include ingredients like diamond powder. Yup, you did read that correctly.

My favourite product was the thermal mask which heats up as it is applied to your skin, once you get used to the weird sensation it’s one of the best parts of the treatment.

The ‘R factor ‘

If you’re shopping around looking for somewhere to have a professional facial with good quality products and want to have it done by someone who will actually listen to your needs, tests your skin for different issues such as sensitivity and then cater to your specific skin type, then Tresor rare is for you.

Have you been to Tresor rare or had a facial recently? Let me know in the comments section below.

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