Foodie Review: The World’s End Market

For me, the best meals are those that are unexpected. So when I walked up the King’s Road to meet the Fendi PR and JPR Media Group teams for a #WomenCrushWednesday dinner in honour of Anna Wintour, I didn’t expect the food to be the main focus.

The dinner was held at The World’s End Market, the second venture by the founders of The Markets Group (the first one is The Crystal Palace Market) which opened in December 2014.


Chicken broth picture - use

From the croutons that came with the chicken broth to the icing on the red velvet cake, everything was fresh, delicious and perfectly seasoned. You can also see the kitchen from the dining tables which means you can see your food being prepared, and how clean the kitchen is (if you’ve been scared off dining out by Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, this is reassuring).

I had the chicken broth to start which was piping hot with shredded chicken and noodles hidden in the bottom, a great start to the meal and not so filling as to put me off my lamb chops…


Lamp chops pic

In my opinion, a good meal is one that fills you right up and after my lamb chop main with a side salad and gorgeous crispy chips, I was completely full (…of course I squeezed in cake later on, it was red velvet after all).


-® Murad RM -  The world's End Market -3175

The World’s End Market is located in a building which formerly housed the World’s End pub, originally a tavern during Charles II’s time. Of course it’s been thoroughly updated since then and even boasts a wine rack from the set of a Harry Potter film.

The location is great as it’s at the top of the King’s Road (literally feels like the end of the world if you walk from Sloane Square tube in heels – please take a bus), and the prices match the prestige location with burgers starting from £9.30.


-® Murad RM -  The world's End Market -2590

I love a menu that tells you where your food has come from and as much as possible all the ingredients are locally sourced. Some of the lobster by the kitchen are even still moving around – safe to say I kept my distance!

‘R’ factor 

I would definitely recommend this lavish hideaway to someone looking for a new place to have a really delicious meal, sourced locally and prepared on site.

The tavern exterior is what endears this place to me as you don’t have to put on airs and graces, you can just sit back and let the staff serve you truly flavoursome dishes.

Have you been to the World’s End Market? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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