9 people you’ll find in a trendy south London coffee shop 

1. The guy who runs his own business from home and is sick of the sight of his bedroom

If he spends one more night working on his Mac until he falls asleep on top of it, he might just give up on his dream of building the next Facebook and go back to sales, so he leaves the house in his pyjamas, and finds a nearby coffee shop instead.

Most likely to say: “What’s the wifi password?”

Most likely to order: scrambled eggs with chorizo and field mushrooms, and four flat whites

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13 signs you’re subconsciously trying to destroy yourself

1. You can see what you’re eating is harming your body, yet you still do it. 

Even though you’ve seen the weight gain, the bad skin and the sluggishness, you just cover it up and say you’ll deal with it later.

2. You don’t take time out for yourself and you spend your downtime working. 

Downtime should not be spent sending company tweets, drafting emails or writing blog posts, downtime should be spent resting or watching your favourite show (without live-tweeting it).
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Review: Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen at Pop Brixton

If I was to write a piece about the gentrification of Brixton, the article would be 5,000 words long and I’d be expecting a grade and corrections at the end of it.

Suffice to say that Brixton has changed.

People like me who have lived in South London for their whole lives think they know Brixton very well, then they turn some inconspicuous corner and find something as unlikely as Pop Brixton – a trendy shipping container structure which is home to 50 equally on trend businesses.

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Review: Turtle Bay in Brixton

I wanted Turtle Bay to be great so bad that I pretended it was for a long time.

I mean, it was everything I ever dreamed of; the Caribbean food I so loved to eat, cocktails which I so love to drink, bougie décor inspired by the real restaurants of the Caribbean with familiar faces on the walls, hot pepper sauce and jerk barbecue sauce on every table – and all of this just a bus ride from home?!

But now it’s time to face facts – Turtle Bay is actually quite disappointing.

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Eating barbecue in Brixton – without the Jerk

It used to be the case that if you were going out to eat in Brixton, you were looking for Caribbean food and it was during the day – Healthy Eaters on Electric Avenue is my favourite place for jerk chicken, plus it’s walking distance from Ruach City Church.

But now, whether you like it or not, Brixton has changed; catering to new and old residents and visitors is Cabana Brixton.

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The best dish at Gourmet Burger Kitchen isn’t a burger 

Q: What makes a burger gourmet?

A: Heaps of guacamole and a side of skin-on fries of course.

That, among other things, is what is on offer at Gourmet Burger Kitchen who serve fresh burgers made to order at locations across the UK.

While I usually run for the hills when presented with anything even marginally hipster-ish, I’m very partial to a bit of Saturday afternoon GBK action.
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