Foodie Review: Hache Burgers

It’s official; London has gone crazy for gourmet burgers. From a simplistic Honest Burger to a fancy Byron one, there are more glazed brioche burger buns in the capital than ever before.

I tried out the french-inspired Haché Burgers in Clapham to see what makes it different to all the rest.

Founders Sue and Berry Casey fell in love with French food while on holiday, and opened a creperie in Camden in 1999.

They broke into the burger business in 2004, planning to offer unrivaled quality burgers in a space that works just as well for girly meet-ups as for dates.


Hache Burger 1

The last time I was in a fancy burger restaurant was when I visited Honest Burgers, and I was happy to see a bit more variety on the menu. I still played it safe and went for the Haché cheeseburger which came topped with two slices of melted mature cheddar.

If I ever go back, which is pretty likely, I’ll be a bit braver and try the Steak Louisiana, a patty topped with crunchy peanut butter and mature Cheddar cheese.

I’ve also sampled the nachos and my new obsession, the Hot N’ Spicy chicken wings which are dipped in Cayenne sauce and served with sour cream dip, red onion and cucumber. Delicious.


Hache Burger 2

The large burgers are so filling that you don’t necessarily *need* sides, but with beer battered onion rings, sweet potato fries and grilled Halloumi on offer, it’s more about want than need in my opinion.


Hache Burger 4

Haché have five locations in London; Camden, Chelsea, Clapham, Shoreditch and Balham. Prices range from £7.50 for a Steak Au Naturel, to £12.95 for a Duck Burger, one of Haché’s specialties, and there’s the option for a ciabatta or brioche bun with each burger.


Hache condiments

When Haché Burgers first started out, the queen’s butcher supplied their meats, so you can tell they are all about quality ingredients. Prime scotch beef and English lamb are on the menu here with freshly picked vegetables and salads.

‘R’ Factor  

Hache Burger 3

I’ve already recommended this place to people, so I think that speaks volumes. The hundreds of fairy lights and smarties served with the bill make this a perfect spot for date night too.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what other people think:

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