Impartial Review: The Planets Treatment at LUSH Spa

There aren’t that many spa-related activities that I haven’t partaken in, but up until last week having a massage was one of them. Luckily a new LUSH store opened on Oxford Street to take care of all my back rubbing needs.

My first ever massage took place deep in the underbelly of the new LUSH store which boasts three floors of natural, sweet smelling goodness.

I had no idea what to expect and while I waited for my masseuse to prepare the room, I was treated to a hand massage with a strawberry soap bar on the shop floor, which was more relaxing that it sounds.

Unbeknownst to me I had signed up for the most epic of all LUSH massage treatments, The Planets. The three hour experience is described by LUSH as follows;

“Embark on a unique journey through inner and outer space. Inspired by seven of the planets in our solar system, this unique three-phase treatment explores the past, present and the future.

“A reflective, personal experience involving massage, Lush palm reading and a lifted facial. Cross different dimensions from the comfort of your treatment room and then gently come back down to earth.”

Phase One – The Past

LUSH spa chelsea

I was taken into the spa itself which bore more resemblance to a little old cottage in the woods. After a short consultation with my therapist I was taken into one of the treatment rooms for the full body massage. The room was just as quaint as the cottagey reception, the floral aromas, bespoke soundtrack and dark lighting immediately transported me to another place.

The full body massage was spectacular, when the masseuse came across an area of tension she stopped, explained what tension in that specific area might represent; for example lack of emotional support or stress, and invited me to talk about it (tension is released way quicker if you address it with words), but even I have a little too much ‘stiff upper lip’ to go into any great detail with a stranger.

Phase Two – The Present

After all that talking and massaging it was time for me to leave the past behind, don a wizard’s robe and drink some damn good tea. On a wooden chair over in the corner of the treatment room, I had a glorious hand massage over a bubbling cauldron (OK, a bath bomb in a basin of hot water) and snacked on a chocolate macaroon.

Phase Three – The Future

Perspective LUSH

Last but by no means least was the lifting facial, complete with a facial steam, exfoliation with facial brushes and cleansing — all using LUSH products. After all that I was given what was left of each of the products used; a body massage bar, hand massage bar and gorgeous rose serum to name a few, and left feeling completely in tune with my mind and body. Bliss.

The Planets massage experience is available at 7 spa locations in the UK, priced at £285.

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