Impartial Review: Lavera Eye Cream

Let me start off this review with a confession; I kind of hate anti-ageing products on principle. I’m really against the assumption that all women want to look younger and are constantly on a never-ending search for the fountain of youth so that they can bottle a few precious droplets, add them to their face cream, and ‘keep’ a man who is probably old and wrinkly anyway. 

The way they are advertised is just so tiresome and cliched, and it makes all men think they have to constantly pretend we don’t have bags under our eyes, which, of course we do because we work hard and, if they’re anything like me, stay up late watching Empire all night, *takes deep breath*. 

Rant over, this is where the actual, usually harmless, anti-ageing product comes in. In this case it’s Lavera‘s anti-ageing eye cream, which is certified organic and proven to reduce wrinkle depth.


This eye cream smells all kinds of zingy and fresh which is probably because of all the citrus essential oils it contains. This is a great smelling cream, especially in the morning to put a little zing in one’s step.


I used this eye cream after cleansing and it definitely worked for me, under my eyes felt instantly tighter and you can feel it tingling as soon as you apply it. My eyes didn’t look drastically taught or stretched but I looked, and felt, less tired.


As I mentioned, the eye cream is certified organic, I couldn’t find any nasties on the ingredients list. Lavera also explain what the ingredients are on the packaging, identifying essential oils and certified organic ingredients. Coenzyme Q10 is the star ingredient here, it is a powerful antioxidant which means it fights damaging particles in the body known as free radicals.

Lavera’s anti-ageing eye cream comes in a 15ml bottle and is really easy to apply because of the small nozzle. It costs £17.90 from

The R Factor

This is a great product for instant firming action, it works fast and you don’t have to worry about what nasties you might be putting on your face. Another plus? No wrinkle-shaming packaging! I still don’t understand why eye creams in general are so expensive compared to body creams though…

Ruth Crilly compared two natural eye creams, one from Trilogy and one from Lavera on her blog, A Model RecommendsNatural Eye Creams From Trilogy And Lavera.

Have you tried any Lavera products? Let me know what you thought below.

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