Yes to Coconuts Polishing Body Scrub: Impartial Review

I’ve always been an enthusiastic exfoliator, and while I’m very much opposed to real life scrubs, I do think a good body polish is an essential skincare product.

I tested out this Yes to Coconuts scrub over two weeks, below is my completely impartial review.


Guess what this product smells like? Go on! Yep it’s coconuts, but not like coconuts in the wild, it’s very much a ‘imitation’ coconut smell.



Does it scrub? Yes it does!

It’s a good scrub consistency, not too coarse so that you feel you’re washing with sandpaper, and not too fine that you wondered why you bothered using anything more hardcore than shower gel.


Yes to Coconuts products are available from Boots stores, the whole range includes face wipes, a body lotion, a hydrating balm and a hand and cuticle cream.

The body scrub is £7.99 and other products start at £3.99. 


All the products in the Yes to range are at least 95% natural and are free from parabens, which you can read more about here. The whole ethos of the San Franciso based brand is centred around natural products and the best ingredients for your skin.

This scrub contains coconut oil, banana fruit extract and sweet almond oil among other natural nourishing goodies.

The ‘R’ Factor 

Would I recommend this product? It’s a good scrub that does the job, a scrub from somewhere like Lush or the Body Shop would probably smell stronger and feel more luxurious, but would also be about double the price.

I wouldn’t kick it out of the shower, but also wouldn’t take it to a desert island either (I’d probably make my own scrub if I was on an island but that’s beside the point.)


3 out of a possible 5 coconut shells.


With thanks to Pure PR for providing the product.

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