21 signs he’s the one 

1. He wakes you up to remind you to wrap your hair

2. He brings you food without being asked to

3. He plans date night without being prompted, and gives at least 48 hours notice

4. He loved you before you knew how to contour your face… and before your eyebrows were on fleek

5. He shows you off like a new pair of Yeezy Boosts on launch day

6. He doesn’t make fun of your burrito baby

7. He doesn’t make you cry because he knows mascara is *at least* £12 a tube

8. His height starts with a 6

9. He can have a whole conversation with your parents without swearing or using slang

10. He loves God and isn’t ashamed to tell people

11. He doesn’t end every sentence with “still”

12. He can cook something other than beans on toast/indomie

13. You can hang around with him doing nothing and still have fun

14. He has never heard of the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’

15. He knows how to make a mimosa… and a piña colada… and a watermelon martini… basically he’s a good bartender

16. He doesn’t judge you when you eat a whole pizza and sides

17. He knows your best angles when taking selfies

18. He doesn’t check himself out in shop windows/wing mirrors/your sunglasses

19. He doesn’t put other women down, regardless of how they act or what they look like

20. He understands that when you say “what?” it’s not because you didn’t hear him, it’s because you’re giving him the chance to change what he said

21. He has real vision and ambition

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