This is what you and bae should be eating for breakfast

If you thought brioche, a mimosa and eggs Benedict made a fancy breakfast, think again.

The couple behind symmetry breakfast have taken the most important meal of the day to another level, serving up symmetrical meals that feed both the eyes and the stomach.

Take a look at some of their best shots. 


This couple start the week with Freekeh, a roasted cereal wheat from Iraq, with chorizo sausage, rocket and a fried egg each.

The pair often incorporate foods from all over the world in their breakfasts, and always tag the restaurant names if they are eating out.


The dipped enamel plates work perfectly with this simple brekkie of a savoury croissants, strawberries and blueberries.

All washed down with the ultimate breakfast juice, OJ.


I’m guessing that this couple realised pretty early on that they were going to have to think outside the box when it comes to their daily instagram posts.

These waffles look ridiculously fluffy (nothing like typical UK pancakes) and I love the half pineapples used as cups.


Cake for breakfast?! What would their mothers say? Well when they are full of yoghurt and fruit, I guess it’s not *that* bad.

I love the fact that symmetry breakfast make a lot of the dishes themselves, and according to the trusty Guardian, a cookbook is in the works.


How gorgeous is this Billy Lloyd tableware? Once you’ve been served your breakfast on these dishes it probably doesn’t really matter what the food tastes like.

Although I’m sure it’s all delicious.


The pair often use their instagram feed to raise awareness for charities and events.

In this case, these croissants, oats and fruit were used to promote Open Squares Garden Weekend.


At the end of the week a full English always goes down a treat.

Although I do think I can see some black pudding. Ugh!

Do your breakfasts look as chic as these?

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