Foodie Review: Burger and Lobster 

With no menu and only three items to choose from, decision fatiguists will find welcome solace at Burger and Lobster

Aside from the obvious choices of a burger and a lobster, this restaurant offers a lobster roll for those who, like me, simply cba to navigate lobster claws at 9pm of an evening. 

And it probably will be 9pm by the time you sit down to navigate said claws, as this place doesn’t take reservations for parties with less than 6 people, and the queue is always out the door.

Once you are seated (probably with a half empty bottle of prosecco you bought at the bar when you were told about the 1 hour waiting time), the real fun begins. 


Lobster bib optional


One plus side of a short menu is that the waiting time for food is usually less than 20 minutes and the food is fresh and hot.

I had the lobster roll on two occasions (which is cold, but absolutely delicious). Lobster pieces are served in a brioche roll and it comes with a side salad, chips, and, if you ask nicely, garlic butter. 



In my opinion an effective meal is one that fills you up, so I was very pleased with Burger and Lobster, the portions are huge. 


There are nine London locations as well as restaurants in Manchester, Cardiff, Stockholm and New York. 

All the main course options are £20 each. 



The burger is made from corn-fed steak from Nebraska and the Lobster comes from the Atlantic Ocean and is flown in alive. 

‘R’ Factor

I’ve already recommended this place to friends, it’s a great Friday night spot, just wear loose clothes if you can, you’ll be stuffed. 

For more information, check out the Burger and Lobster website. 

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