15 UK Grime Lyrics For When You Need an Instagram Caption 

For the squad 

1. “We’re in our own lane, M1/Ten man one bottle you’re on them ones” 

2. “New life, new team, now rolling” 

3. “Ain’t doing local things, but we be them local geezers”  

4. “We’re not hooligans/Just young and talented Nubians/With potential and promise/Innovative young masterminds like Sean Wallace” 

5. “I’m in a different class/When I get through imma bring my dargs/2 by 2, man a walk on the ark” 

For bae 

6. “Next thing she’s wearing my Rolex” 

7. “Look, she’s like me, she likes a slice of mango in her ice cream” 

8. “They ain’t doing it right come and see me” 

9. “Leave the country, no warning/club swimming, women swarming”

10. “All I need is my ride or die” 

For when you’re feeling yourself 

11. “I don’t kick ball, do I look like a baller?”

12. “It’s the return of the Mac/I’m still alive just like 2Pac”

13. “Say cheese, but it won’t be a snapshot/pull out and try hit like the jackpot” 

14. “Can’t chat about speed look my cab man’s certi” 

15. “I wake up in the morning, come out my house and choose from different whips” 

Inspired by: 47 Drake Lyrics For When You Need an Instagram Caption 

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