The best dish at Gourmet Burger Kitchen isn’t a burger 

Q: What makes a burger gourmet?

A: Heaps of guacamole and a side of skin-on fries of course.

That, among other things, is what is on offer at Gourmet Burger Kitchen who serve fresh burgers made to order at locations across the UK.

While I usually run for the hills when presented with anything even marginally hipster-ish, I’m very partial to a bit of Saturday afternoon GBK action.



Mostly yummy. My favourite dish at GBK is the chicken satay burger, I was messing around with the classic beef burger for a while, but really, the satay burger is where it’s at.

The chunky skin-on fries are pretty tasty. But, do not be tempted to go for the skinny fries, they are basically crisps and not filling at all.

The most delicious item on the GBK menu is actually not a burger, but a drink.

The milkshakes are the best I’ve ever had and are served in large metal glasses. This makes you feel as though you’re in some cool retro American diner, which of course you’re not, you’re on the Northcote road, but a girl can dream. 

My vegetarian sisters used to bemoan the lack of meatless options, but I’m told it’s got much better with the new menu.



This place may call itself gourmet but the portion sizes are anything but. I never leave there hungry, in fact, I never even need a whole side of fries to myself.


GBK is expanding as I write so it won’t be hard to find a branch somewhere nearby, there are currently 60 UK locations.

Fun fact: the first ever GBK restaurant was in Battersea, South London.

The burgers start from around £5.25, sides from £1.50 and those milkshakes I mentioned from £4.15.



GBK use 100% prime beef in their burgers, make the sauces fresh every day and everything is cooked on site.

The ‘R’ Factor

Would I recommend GBK? Absolutely. This is in no way a fine dining experience, but if you’re looking for a nice place to have a catch-up over lunch, you’ve found it.

Note: there is no table service at GBK, so unfortunately, it’s an unacceptable date location

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